Carpenter Apron


The Carpenter sits below the knee at 112cm in length for thorough protection against nicks and splinters.
Equipped with two large and one medium pockets, it also has three loopholes for tools to hang through.


Carpenter’s Daughter uses ethically sourced leather from responsible industries in Italy that is also a bi-product of the meat industry. 
Our 100% organic cotton heavy-weight canvas fabric is durable yet soft, with a slight give, and ages without pilling if taken care of well. All finishes are Australian solid brass that over time develop a natural patina. 

To wash your apron, we recommend unclipping the straps and warm machine-washing the fabric part. Avoid bleach-containing detergents.

The size of an apron is determined by the length of its leather straps, which adjust as easily as a belt buckle.

Every item of ours is carefully made by hand in the studio, so orders may take up to four weeks to complete.

Wholesale prices are available for orders of five units or more. 

Sold out colours 
- Cream
- Grey
- Clay (Sienna)

Please email your enquiry directly.