Pocket Brush by Isabey


This pocket / travel brush by Isabey is made of 100% pure red sable. The belly of the brush is slender and comes to a fine tip. 
Red sable hair is known for it's high quality and capacity to hold a lot of water / pigment. 

This brush is suited to watercolour painting. When loading the brush with pigment try to glide over the watercolour pans rather than scratching into them.
To protect the tip of the brush when changing colours, twirl it upwards against the inside wall of the water vessel instead of pushing downwards. 
Never leave your brush resting in water as this will flood the ferrule, loosening the hold, causing hairs to turn aside. This will also bend the fibres in the hair which cannot be undone. 


After use.
Gently wash and rinse your brush. Then slide the water out between your fingers. To dry, lay brushes horizontal to ensure that the excess water does not well in the ferrule.
Once dry, brushes can be stored freely and upright. 


Hair - 18mm red sable 
(Alternate travel brush by Raphael is kolinsky hair)
Shape - Round
Diameter - 3.3mm (Alternate travel brush by Raphael is 4mm)
Length - 18cm long when connected, 10.5cm when closed
Lid has a small hole to allow air to circulate inside, helping moisture release.